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Loving you where you are and bringing sunshine to your dark situation

Praise and Worship


Visionary Ministries presently located at 4312 Gadsden Street, Birmingham, Al 35217 under the leadership of Pastor Angela D. Page was founded in August of 2014. Visionary Ministries endeavor to bring the lost and down trodden to Christ..  We want to be a positive influence by Motivating, encouraging, and supporting others in their walk with Christ.  We want to help bring forth the "vision"  that leads to salvation amongst those who love and need the Lord.  We want to help you discover God's Vision for your life.  But a real vision and true Visionary take not only their ministries , but often the ministries of others to another level.  In a world where the term "vision" has been used so often, what  does it mean to be a true Visionary?  Visionaries have a noble mind that has made them look beyond the ordinary circumstances and resistance and focus on extraordinary measures that propels them to their next level.  Their motivation is to build the 

"Write the vision and make it plain"

About Us

    The goal of Visionary Ministries is to create a place where people can have a personal encounter with God, connect with an encouraging community of people, and fulfill their God-given purpose. The mission of Visionary Ministries is to spread the Word of God through Biblical teachings, christian training , inspired worship, phenomenal praise , and continual discipleship.

           Our Pastor's motto is : We endeavor to bring the lost and down trodden to Christ.  Whatever your age, culture, or religious background, we invite you to come and learn more about what God is doing through Visionary Ministries could change your life forever!

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    I need God's blessings over my life. I reside in Nigeria and a jobless graduate. I just need God's help to understand this life.